Ready To Find Your Purpose & Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams? ✨
Ready To Find Your Purpose & Take Bold Action Towards 
Your Dreams? ✨
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My name is Rebeccah Statham and I'm obsessed with helping entrepreneurs, dreamers and visionaries ignite their spark and share their message with the world!

My passion for blending inspiration with unapologetic action begun in 2019, when Grant Cardone dared me to write my book within a week. 

I had to let go of my ingrained perfectionism, a trait that had kept playing small for far too long.

That book, Ignite Your Spark, became a #1 Best Seller and continues to impact people across the world.

This #ImperfectAction breakthrough sparked a movement - a gift I now get to share with my clients who have their own passions and purpose deep inside of them too. 

I believe that everyone has a spark inside of them, and when you ignite it and take bold unapologetic action towards realising it...

Then everything changes

Ignite Your Spark became a 
#1 Best Seller within ONE day!

Get ready to...

➡️ Imagine what's possible and create a bold vision for your life!

➡️ Uncover your purpose and discover your Zone of Genius

➡️ Rewrite your story with fear!

➡️ No longer be defined by your stories, limiting beliefs and circumstances

➡️ Take unapologetic action towards your dreams, no matter what!
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